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Post Office Boss Hands Back CBE – As She’s Urged to Give Answers Over Scandal: Full report


In recent years, the Horizon scandal has dominated headlines and shaken the very foundation of the Post Office in the United Kingdom. The controversy surrounding this issue has now taken an unexpected turn as the former Post Office boss, who once received a prestigious CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) honor, has chosen to return it. This dramatic decision has raised questions and demands for answers, further fueling the already intense discourse surrounding the Horizon scandal.

The Resignation and the CBE

In a surprising twist of events, the former Chief Executive of the Post Office, Paula Vennells, has voluntarily handed back her CBE. This prestigious honor was awarded to her for her services to the Post Office during her tenure. The decision to relinquish such a significant accolade is unusual and has sent shockwaves through the British establishment.

The Horizon Scandal Unveiled

At the heart of the controversy lies the Horizon scandal, a long-standing issue that has plagued the Post Office for years. The Horizon accounting system, developed by Fujitsu, was implemented to streamline and modernize the Post Office’s financial operations. However, it soon became apparent that the system was fraught with errors and glitches that led to severe financial discrepancies.

Subpostmasters and subpostmistresses across the country were wrongfully accused of theft, fraud, and financial mismanagement due to these discrepancies. Lives were shattered as many faced legal battles, imprisonment, and bankruptcy. The Post Office’s handling of the situation, which included steadfastly defending the accuracy of the Horizon system, further exacerbated the crisis.

The Call for Accountability

As the magnitude of the Horizon scandal became increasingly evident, calls for accountability and justice grew louder. Subpostmasters and subpostmistresses, who had suffered greatly due to the system’s faults, demanded answers and restitution. Legal battles were fought, and in many cases, justice was served as convictions were quashed, and compensation was awarded.

However, the role of the Post Office’s leadership, including Paula Vennells, in the Horizon scandal remained a contentious issue. Questions were raised about the extent of their knowledge regarding the system’s flaws and their actions in response to the mounting evidence of its unreliability.

The Decision to Return the CBE

In the wake of mounting pressure and calls for transparency, Paula Vennells made the extraordinary decision to return her CBE. This symbolic act is seen by many as an acknowledgment of her role in the Horizon scandal and the suffering it caused to countless individuals and families.

Vennells stated that she was returning the honor “with great sadness,” and expressed her hope that it would help to bring attention to the ongoing issues surrounding the Post Office and the Horizon scandal. Her decision has sparked further debate about accountability and responsibility at the highest levels of leadership within the Post Office.

The Ongoing Fallout

The Horizon scandal continues to cast a long shadow over the Post Office, as well as the lives of those who were wrongly accused and affected by it. Legal battles continue, and efforts to rectify the injustices of the past are ongoing.


In conclusion, the decision of Paula Vennells, the former Post Office boss, to return her CBE is a significant development in the ongoing saga of the Horizon scandal. It underscores the need for accountability and transparency in addressing the injustices that have occurred.



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