Tuesday, July 23, 2024

3 Ways to Integrate Social Tools into Project Management


There are times when gaining traction with a project is inherently difficult due to the people working on a team. This often has little to do with the lack of individual skills or the amount of prowess provided by the leader. It has more to do with the fact that getting a group of people to work together in a happy, organized way can often be a hardship when everyone is very busy and very new to each other’s work styles.
Smoothing out these wrinkles in project management resources is critical in achieving a harmonious work environment, as discord among the ranks can lead to friction with collaborative challenges and communicating important points about a task. Stakeholders like to see a group in step with one another as well, since this can help assuage fears that a project won’t get completed on time.
The best way to handle integration of different individuals into a team mindset is through socialization, but considering the modern infrastructure of remote workforce and disintegrating traditional offices, there’s little chance to get everyone together or hold team-building exercises. At the same time, new-age tools offer the option for enhancing personal interactions without making people even share the same physical space with one another. The deciding factor in creating more cohesive project management teams is social media.
Not all networks are created equal, so leaders should be wary of the tools they put into practice in the team environment. Here are three of the best ways to add social media to the project management team, including software and hardware that can best benefit corporate challenges.
1.) Bring your own device and mobility
One of the most dynamic and expansive realms of social media currently in play within public and corporate environments is mobile deployments. Companies can find a variety of benefits in implementing social strategies in this setting, including:

  • saving money
  • expanding work environments
  • offering customized experiences to personnel
  • growing data points to include public audiences
  • making use of devices employees already own
  • monitoring employees more closely

There are a huge array of other benefits as well, but these are some of the top elements that mobile brings to the social media table. As the Huffington Post wrote, the amount of mobile devices owned by Americans continues to expand at a rapid pace. Since mobile is already so proliferate and the cost of implementing these resources can be limited simply to software hosting, this makes it an appealing and affordable option for corporations of all sizes.
2.) Make it fit everyone
The best social outlets are those that are as easily accessible, compatible and integration-friendly as possible. The variety of different endpoints and outlets for enterprise usership is changing all the time, so being aware of these different demands will help project managers ensure that they’re always implementing the most user-friendly resources for generating the best connectivity options.
Danny Dicks wrote for Light Reading companies should focus on the multichannel experience so that any kind of device and every user is able to successfully interface with corporate offerings. What’s more, different employees will have a range of devices in their possession most likely, so it’s necessary for organizations to ensure that their social media deployments fit every tool in the project management landscape. This can be tricky, but by engineering a flexible, open-source solution, companies should be able to create a platform that’s usable for not just their projects, but also the whole rest of the corporation as well.



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