Tuesday, June 18, 2024

What Project Managers Can Learn from Customer Service


Generating a positive impression on clients and stakeholders comes from fast, accurate communication, attention to detail and general understanding of how to get the job done. For many project managers, these may feel like inherent functions of their jobs, yet many may still run into problems with achieving positive outcomes. Trying to isolate the issues can lead to confusing results, especially if leaders aren’t looking at the right factors.
The problem with many project management situations becomes clear once managers start focusing on the people involved in the process, rather than just the actions they perform. People aren’t automatons, and leaders should be aware that there are better and worse ways that they can treat their staff.
Often times, the problems with employees are expressed in their overall performance. Whether they’re stressed, anxious, confident, concerned or engaged is clear when looking at the project management life cycle. This course of events can be broken down into the individual parts contributed by each team member, allowing leaders to get a good idea of specific areas that may be causing friction or generating the most success.
Taking a look at the project management life cycle through the lens of customer service and engagement may help leaders isolate issues and create positive coaching options. Here are some of the things to look for.
Means of communication
When it comes to creating positive consumer interactions, it’s necessary to pay attention to what people have to say. This same mentality applies to internal operations as well. Personnel have to feel like they have ready access to honest, open interactions with other people on the team, be they on the same level or in a leadership position.
According to Adrian Swinscoe of Forbes, email and traditional written communication should have a prominent place in corporate interactions. What’s more, offering these services in-house can help companies connect more effectively with all the people on their teams. A variety of written outlets should be available to personnel at all times, including instant messages and texting services as well. This will ensure that organizations are encouraging the greatest volume and variety of interactive opportunities.
Size of teams
Too many cooks in the kitchen is a term that can easily apply to project management trends. When there are a lot of people handling the same challenges, there can be just as many issues as when too few individuals are assigned to these items.
Alexander E.M. Hess and Douglas A. McIntyre wrote for Time Magazine that some of the worst businesses are those that don’t offer the personalized face-time and attention to detail that comes with supplying enough staff to meet everyone’s needs in the customer service realm. In the project management sector, this boils down to not having enough manpower or hours in the day to meet with, talk to or handle every person in a realistic or honest fashion. Short-selling coaching or rushing through meetings can be more damaging in some instances than not having these outlets at all. Leaders should be careful to always properly size their teams so that there aren’t too many people on one task or not enough personnel to handle all the demands of a project.
Thoughtfulness and responsibility
It’s easy for leaders to just focus on what they need to accomplish, but achieving proper outcomes requires that individuals are given the right amount of consideration to facilitate these results. Team members aren’t just cogs in a machine – they need to be cared for, respected and coached appropriately in order to help them succeed.



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